Tuesday, August 19, 2008

horses in Puerto Vallarta

The horse back riding turned out great, though we were nervous at first. When we got to the restaurant with the crazy diving man all the horses were already out for rides. We decided to eat and then head somewhere else to ride, but Bob our great driver started asking around and found an ex-pat with 8 horses and arranged for us to ride with him so after dinner we followed this guy and his mangy hairless dogs (oh the memories of Taiwan they brought back) up to a little field where 8 horses/burros were waiting for us along with 7 young boys to lead the horses.

Dell got to ride a horse without a leader and he said the horse was the most responsive he'd ever ridden. Guess those horseback riding classes at BYU paid off. Anyway, it was cool to see Dell cowboying around all of us on our more placid ponies.

It was the most intense horseback ride I've been on though. (And I've been on ones with our neightbors up Provo Canyon that were pretty impressive.) We crossed deep rivers, went down steep rocky slopes and just had a fun time walking past houses and beautiful mountains.

Henry cried and cried when he first got on the horse. Big huge tears. Not because he was scared but because he wanted his own horse. "No mommy, only one little boy on a horse, not two people." But by the time we started moving he was fine and chattered the whole way about the horse and what he saw. I love it when Henry is in a talkative mood. He's such a sweetie.

Henry crying on his horse. I'm trying not to laugh. Or maybe throw up. One of the two-- I was pretty nauseous on the cruise.

crossing the river

Headed down the hill. Thanks for taking all the pictures Dell. I had my hands full with trying to stay in the saddle and not squish Henry. You did a great job sweetie.

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